Harp Creative Logo & Website


Harp Creative

Jonathan and Shailey Murphy with Harp Creative came to us in need of a logo refresh and new website. We’ve worked with them on several client projects before, but enjoyed the opportunity to work with them on developing the brand for their company.

Harp Creative “produces digital content and video that is impactful, emotive and effective”. They are incredibly talented and if you haven’t seen their work yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.

We began the process with their logo redesign. We wanted to maintain the concept of their original brand, but give it a clean, fresh look. We simplified the harp to be more graphic and abstract, and chose a sunny yellow that paired well with the dark blue typography. The bold, high-contrast palette is fun and energetic, while remaining sharp and professional; a reflection of the team at Harp.

From there we fleshed out a new complimentary color palette and font set in a Style Tile as part of the website design process. Their site is (mostly) a single-page that features stunning photography with parallax scrolling showing off their equipment, travel experience, and work. The home page displays their featured work and we created a full project listing that they can easily update. The site also features an Instagram feed to show off what they’ve been working on recently.

We love how the site turned out and enjoyed working with Harp Creative on this project.

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