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Assemblies of God World Missions

Wide Open Missions, the official placement service of Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM), came to us to develop a new logo and redesign their website, a site that we originally created for them nearly a decade ago. (Wow, we’re getting old!) The site had been updated since we first worked on it, but it desperately needed a complete rewrite, front and back-end.

Since the client has opportunities for people to serve worldwide, we wanted the new logo to convey a sense of travel, yet be relatable to an individual and their ministry. Taking inspiration from GPS navigation, we chose to go with a stylized waypoint marker as their symbol. The marker is easily recognizable, represents the idea of location, and implies a sense of travel and adventure. To further accentuate the idea of travel abroad, we chose an earthy orange as the marker color, paired it with dark brown text, and selected a thin typeface for a modern, fresh appeal.

The primary goals for the website were to provide a simple way for visitors to find missions opportunities and connect with staff, as well as give a clear overview of the process and requirements for serving. The site is fully responsive and features an easy way to search for opportunities, a sticky submenu on content pages to help users orient themselves, and a custom back-end for the staff to easily manage their content.

Check out their site at http://wideopenmissions.org.

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