Man Up & Go


Man Up And Go

Man Up & Go is the latest full-length feature documentary from Bacon Murphy Films (a collaboration of Randy Bacon Studios and Harp Creative), set to premiere in October 2012. It’s a compelling film that follows an eclectic group of American men who set out to Ethiopia and Uganda to be fathers to the fatherless. The film includes the stories of the men who “man up and go,” as well as the orphans that are in desperate need of love and attention. We had the opportunity to design posters for the film’s premiere in downtown Springfield, as well as a simple typographic logo to be used on promotional materials. The film is geared towards all ages of both men and women, but obviously has a special audience in adult men, so we designed the posters with that in mind. Using primarily dark colors, rough edges and textures, and beautiful photography from the film, we designed two different posters to be used to promote the premiere.

Visit the Man Up & Go website to learn more about the movement and the film, and click here to watch the unforgettable trailer.

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