General Council 2013


Assemblies of God

Nearly a year ago, in partnership with Do Good Business, we started on our first concepts in creating the full brand for Assemblies of God’s 55th General Council, and we’re excited to finally share just a few of the finished projects. We created countless pieces for this huge bi-annual event, and shown below are some highlights from the larger components of the brand. This year’s Council was held in Orlando (August 5-9, 2013).

Some of the goals for the brand of this year’s General Council was to appeal to a younger audience and to incorporate more digital experiences and interaction leading up to and during the event. An additional component of the event will be the simultaneous kick off of The Centennial, an event in summer 2014 that will celebrate the AG’s 100th year and reflect on past moments in their history. In tandem with that, we wanted everything about this year’s event to stand out from the past as a new era for the organization.

To accomplish this, we kept the look of the brand simple, modern, and bold by using mostly two colors (pure black and bright yellow) and clean typography. The look of the brand had to translate to all mediums, from 30-foot banners to tshirts to a mobile app, so we worked very hard to make sure these transitions were seamless and cohesive. We were also thrilled to work again with local photographer Randy Bacon, and his stunning work elevated this entire project to a new level. We created two websites, an informative site for the months leading up to the event, and an interactive site for the week of Council. The latter site was a beast all it’s own – it features a continuous scroll of articles, blog posts, Instagram and Twitter feeds, quotes, news stories, and advertisements – all in a sleek responsive design to be viewed on any device. A similar layout is featured in the mobile app, Council Now, which includes full schedules, speaker bios, and general event information. We also created over 60 different signs and banners for the convention center and hotels to keep participants constantly informed and engaged.

Check out the website here, and take a look below at just a handful of our favorite pieces from this project. See some photos of our pieces at the event here. Let us know what you think!

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