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Eurasia Café

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Graphic Design

Eurasia Café recently launched their brand new tea line featuring hand-picked tea from Sri Lanka that transforms lives and changes destiny. The unique tea line will include four blends: Jasmine Green, Peppermint, Black, and Black Currant. All of Eurasia Café’s tea is sourced directly from gardens that guarantee livable wages and better opportunities for farmers and their families. In addition to this, a portion of profits from all of Eurasia Café’s products is given back to social justice causes throughout 44 countries and territories.

Keeping with the Eurasia Café brand, we combined a bold red henna pattern with earth tones and subtle textures to create a unique packaging system that will stand out among its competitors on the shelf. To keep production costs low, we developed one generic box to be used for all four blends, and then designed separate transparent labels to differentiate each blend. The labels wrap around three sides of the box to give it a seamless, cohesive look. To promote the new line of teas, we also designed banners for their website to appear on their homepage slider.

Learn more about Eurasia Café, their new tea line, and the work they do around the world at

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