Community Leadership Visit


Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Services Summary:

Book Design

For nearly 20 years, a delegation of business and community leaders from the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce has traveled annually to a peer city to learn from the experiences of another community and bring back ideas that will benefit the Springfield region. This year’s Community Leadership Visit was to Ft. Collins, Colorado, a vibrant college town with an entrepreneurial spirit. This booklet was designed and produced as a summary of the trip, and to share what ideas and experiences from Ft. Collins can be applied in Springfield.

Our goal for this project was to have the same aesthetic of other Chamber of Commerce materials: professional, clean, simple, and welcoming. We used shades of blue and cream with simple, timeless typography to accent the vibrant photos taken in Colorado. We also added a subtle linen texture and layered silhouetted mountains to reinforce the environmental and natural culture of Ft. Collins.

Learn more about the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce at Below are a few spreads from the final booklet. Let us know what you think!

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